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Brenda Lee's book captured everything the Jehovah's Witness religion is. I felt like I was reliving my nightmare...

I couldn't put it down... This story stirred so many emotions; I laughed and cried, but most importantly of all it made me realize that I can stop feeling guilty for disagreeing with my families beliefs and I can be more confident with my own...

While the book certainly brought back some not-so-fond memories for me, it was therapeutic to read. It left me feeling inspired by her strength, resilience and accomplishments. This was a wonderful book...

The torture Brenda endured as a child will make you appreciate how hard it is to be brought up as Jehovah's Witness child... You will appreciate the struggles Brenda went through as a single mom just trying to care for her child and the obstacles she overcame to provide a safe and caring environment for her child.
You will learn a lot about how the child care business works...and the pitfalls to avoid. In spite of it all Brenda manages to still show the humorous side of it all.

If you doubt that the Watchtower is a cult, or that joining Jehovah's Witnesess can't destroy entire families for generations you MUST get this book...If you are considering becoming a baptized Witness, please, please read this--while you still have the freedom to do so...If you are among the thousands 'The Organization' shuns each year, you NEED to read this book.

If only Ms. Lee's book had come out 35 years ago, perhaps the emotional, mental and spiritual anguish that I experienced could have been lessened. At the time I felt, and was BOMBARDED with, the message that there was something wrong with me, because I was the "ONLY FOOL that didn't get it!" Reading this book has given me the emotional strength to revisit, and hopefully to heal, this oozing childhood trauma. Ms. Lee is a kindred "sister" in the truest sense of the word.

Education is the real power and (reading Brenda’s) encounter with Jehovah's Witnesses is a MUST in order to understand how easily your family could be irreparably torn apart if someone you love joins this cult. Her story really does give you answers that will provide you with insight...

I give this book 5 stars because it touched my heart in so many ways, from light hearted humor to the depths of despair... you won't be disappointed!

You owe it to YOURSELF to get this book!!!


"Out of the Cocoon is a powerful and touching account of one young woman’s journey to freedom from repression and religious intolerance.  I picked it up one evening and couldn’t stop reading until I was finished late that night.  It will hold you like a compelling paperback novel and touch you on the deeper levels of spiritual freedom and growth."
Steve Chandler, author of Reinventing Yourself

Out of the Cocoon is a story about the damage a cult can do to a loving family, and shows the long-lasting ripple effect that can affect a child later in life. Courage to go against the current comes from deep inside a person when it would be much easier to go with the flow. Brenda Lee is one of those who have shown such courage. Like the young man David who picked up three stones and slung them at the giant, Goliath, Brenda Lee chose to pick up her pen to shatter the Watchtower's image, just as it tried to shatter hers. I applaud her courage, and her strength to discover the person she truly is—against all odds.”
 — Roy Milton, author of Truth or Consequences

" As one who has written many books on the Jehovah's Witnesses mind-controlling cult, I greatly appreciate the unique work that Brenda Lee has written describing the pain manifested from living in the Watchtower prison during childhood. I was a Jehovah's Witness kid myself. Believe me, Brenda tells the real "truth"!"
Duane Magnani
Jehovah's Witnesses Child Custody Experts

" Brenda poignantly describes her journey through captivity to freedom. It takes real courage to break through the cult mindset and create a new life. Brenda's story is inspiring and heartfelt."
- Rosanne Henry, MA, LPC
Psychotherapist specializing in cult recovery and board member of the International Cultic Studies Association and Rocky Mountain Resource Center

"Brenda Lee is a born storyteller. Between her amazing life story and the profound insights she's come to as a result of her experiences, Brenda provided enormous value and uplift for our listeners. Bless you, Brenda!"
- Moira Shepard, product/host, MidLife Miracle Radio

" Brenda brings to us a conversation that is long overdue in society....Beyond the personal dynamics however, when we see monthly shootings in our schools, daily violent crime out on the streets, and war that rages on for years at a time...perhaps it is time to try something new. My goal is to empower people to think and discern for themselves what is right and good and then stand up for it. Thanks for your work Brenda; I think it is a critical and powerful conversation for all of us."
- Bennett C. Marks, Host of Empowerment Radio

"The Chosen"
May 11, 2009
Brenda Lee was one of the most popular and informative guest that the "Chosen" internet radio show has ever had! She was very sensitive to the many callers that shared their cult experience on the air. They felt comfortable talking to her about this very personal issue. Brenda Lee you are one of the chosen and thank you for being a guest on "The Chosen"!
Ron Mills (The Navigator)

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