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Brenda Lee was born on a rural farm in Pennsylvania in 1962 and moved to Colorado in 1980. Early on,she began her love of writing through journaling and as the editor of her high school’s creative writing project entitled, “Special Feelings.” She graduated from college with honors in Denver,Colorado.

Brenda writes, produces and edits an internationally renowned newsletter that helps former cult members take flight and is involved in counter-cult work through her seminars entitled, “Understanding Cults: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Family.” Feel free to contact her to schedule an event for your church, women’s empowerment, youth, or survivor’s group, etc.

Since her memoir Out of the Cocoon was published in 2006, she has appeared on over a dozen radio programs around the world, has delivered countless speeches and has participated in numerous book signings for Barnes and Noble, Borders and Waldenbooks. Brenda will be making her nationally televised appearance on “The Secret Lives of Women”(WEtv) in September 2009.

Reflecting back on her life in a cult, Brenda’s motto is, “Acceptance of anything outside your control is liberating.” She considers herself both resourceful and tenacious. At age 47 she became a certified scuba diver, despite the fact that she has nearly drowned twice in her life.

Today she joyfully embraces every moment with her son, Derek, and two dogs, Scruffy and Razz Matazz, relishing her life
Out of the Cocoon.

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